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General Air Conditioners

Premium Wall Mount Inverter Split Air Conditioners

CXTA is a series of powerful cooling machines especially built for the UAE. These five-star-rated energy-efficient air conditioners can withstand up to 55 degrees Celsius to cope with Middle East’s harsh weather conditions.  

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Premium Duct type Inverter Split Air Conditioners

CLTA is a high-performance inverter ducted model with innovative inverter technology that cool at least 40% faster than non-inverter models. CXTA ducted inverter air conditioners offer better cooling capacity, minimal operational cost, and extreme durability, making them best for commercial and industrial applications. 

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Wall Mount Split Air Conditioners

Fujitsu General's duct-type air conditioners are one of the best-selling ducted ac in the UAE. Easy to install and higher durability are outstanding features of these air conditioners. Not only are ducted split ACs are number 1 choice of residents of UAE, but all the major air conditioning contractors prefer it for their projects.

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