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Split Air Conditioners (Wall Mount Type)

Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners by O General

Adoption of environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and high-performance air conditioners

Split air conditioners (wall mounted) are one of the common ac type preferred by homeowners, This type of aircon are the first choice weather it's a bed, living, dining, guest, meeting room or office.

Latest Generation of O General AC System Promises Faster & Efficient Cooling with Powerful Air Flow

Wall mounted split air conditioners are the perfect solution for your premises, when it comes to cooling. There salient features includes quite operation, best cooling and energy saving while being easy on your pocket when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

O General wall mounted split air conditioners are modern in design and blends with you interior design choices.

*Available models range from 1.5 ton to 3.0 ton 


Powerful airflow

  • Long-reach airflow up to 25m is provided by optimized airflow design. 
  • 25m Powerful mode (30 / 36 class)

    Faster Cooling

    New models accelerate to cool air quicker to reach the setting temperature in the entire room than the current models do.

    New Technology

    • Optimized airflow design.
    • airflow 38%UP!*
    • * 36 class 
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