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o general cassette split ac


Cassette split air conditioning system by O'General are best performing and suitable for a shop, office, cafe, school and specially restaurant, as they mix with all type of interior decorations.

O General Cassette ac comes with better airflow with directions, and auto swing function, in addition to that it gives you control to cover cooling to a wider area in respect to any other type of air conditioner.

Cassette Type air conditioners are used and suitable for when there is limited space and generally suspends on ceiling, suitable when you prefer not to install air con unit on wall or in any situation when the installation on a wall is not possible. Cassette ac works in a same way of any standard ac unit which cools the area and bring down the temperature down to a suitable or desired temperature.

The main feature of Cassette type air conditioners are that they can be installed in a limited space and gives better cooling and thus making it suitable to be used in offices and buildings. High Cooling, better cooling coverage of large area, quite while running, energy efficiency and stylish looking makes Cassette type ac your first choice when it comes to a create a better temperature controlled environment.

O General Cassette ac comes in various models and tonnage ranging from 1.5 ton to 4.5 ton of capacity and 18000 BTU to 54000 BTU. Call one of our sales agent to give you more brief and help you select the right type of air conditioning unit for your premises.



  • AUG18/AOG18 (18000 BTU - 1.5 TON) 
  • AUG25/AOG25 (25000 BTU - 2.0 TON) 
  • AUG30/AOG30 (30000 BTU - 2.5 TON) 
  • AUG36/AOG36 (36000 BTU - 3.0 TON) 
  • AUG45/AOG45 (45000 BTU - 3.75 TON) 
  • AUG54/AOG54 (54000 BTU - 4.5 TON) 


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