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Top 5 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Air conditioning maintenance can save you money by preventing breakdowns and increasing efficiency. Click here to learn 5 top air conditioner maintenance tips

Are you looking for ways to improve your air conditioner's efficiency?

According to the Government of Dubai, "air conditioning accounts for 60 percent of the load on electrical peak times during the summer months."

This means that maintaining your A/C system can help you minimize your electric costs. To help keep your air conditioner running smoothly, you should perform routine maintenance on your system.

Read on to learn five air conditioner maintenance tips you need to know.

1. Clean Your Air Conditioner's Drain

Your air conditioner has a drain that must stay clear in order to function properly.

This is because if it gets blocked, it will be unable to drain and can cause damage to your furnace or other parts of your A/C system.

Some of the ways it can get blocked are algae or other dust and debris that breaks loose and runs out of your system to the drain.

If your drain gets clogged, you should consider speaking to a trained professional about it. That's because they'll be able to identify if there's a leak that you cannot identify yourself.

2. Change Your A/C Filter Regularly

A filter is one of the most important parts of your A/C system and should be changed regularly.

That's because a filter keeps debris and other dust particles from entering your system and causing damage. A good rule of thumb is that your A/C filter should get replaced once every 30 days.

If you don't stick to that schedule, you risk your filters becoming clogged. This can make your air conditioner work harder to pump air through the system. Eventually, this can lead to a need for professional maintenance sooner than necessary.

3. Maintain Your Condenser Unit Fan

The condenser unit fan should be kept clean of any debris to work most efficiently.

You should check your condenser's fan to be sure that there aren't any cracks or chips. This is because if your fan is broken, your air conditioner will not operate smoothly.

The fan should also get checked to ensure there aren't any trees or other branches stuck in it, making it harder to function.

4. Clean Around Your A/C Unit

Air conditioner maintenance isn't only about keeping things working well on the inside of your system.

You should also be sure your system is in an area with minimal surrounding foliage and other branches. If you have plants or trees around the system, take time to trim any potentially problematic areas.

By maintaining the foliage that surrounds your unit, you'll keep it running smoothly and pushing air through it more efficiently.

5. Test Your Thermostat

You should test your thermostat to be sure that your air conditioner is keeping a consistent temperature in your home or office.

To test your thermostat, set it to a temperature that's five degrees below the current one. Let your air conditioner kick on and see if it turns off once it reaches that temperature.

If you're using a mechanical thermostat, you should consider upgrading it to a digital one to take advantage of being able to set or maintain precise temperatures.

Wrapping Up: Air Conditioner Maintenance Matters for Your Home

Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of ensuring your unit lasts as long as expected.

These tips will help you keep track of how your unit is operating. They will also help you better address problems your system is having before they become worse.

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